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Scientific Staffing Expertise// Sydney

Our client is a global research biotech company, specialising in early-stage therapeutics. We have worked with them for many years.


Due to their specialised work, our client needs extremely specific skill sets. The client wanted to engage candidates from major local universities / research institutes and recognised that a move from an academic environment into a commercial environment could pose a barrier to attraction.

The client does not have a local TA team in Australia, and they need local people. They require an Australian recruitment partner with a scientific background and developed candidate networks to fulfil their staffing needs.


Understanding exactly what the client needs from a technical perspective, alongside their culture and values gives us a huge advantage against other recruiters when qualifying prospective talent.

  • Our unrivalled talent network includes direct access to university graduates / postgraduates in the space through years of networking with professors and lecturers at top tier universities
  • We have first-hand expertise; all of our consultants have worked in a Scientific capacity, meaning we can truly explain what a career in this space looks like for candidates and fully comprehend the technical brief from the client
  • We provide real-time communication with progress updates
  • Our team performs comprehensive qualification of both technical skillsets and candidates’ soft skills before shortlisting interviewees
  • We ensure alignment with their internal process; we can adapt and integrate our onboarding process into the client’s system and work exactly how they want us to work with them


Our demonstrable success and high placement retention level has led to us becoming the client’s only supplier. To date, we have placed more than 75% of their staff in their world-class research facility in Sydney. In the last two years, we have placed over 19 specialists including:

  • Research Assistants / Scientists
  • Senior Scientists
  • Operations staff (Accounts, Logistics, General Operations)
  • Pre-clinical Management / Scientists

We have a fantastic relationship with the client
and a genuine partnership; they treat Evolve as
an extension of their team.